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The Healthy Sleep

The Healthy Sleep

Snoring is one of the main causes of sleep disturbance and marital disharmony. It affects men and women (upto 50% of males snore regularly), becoming worse with age and weight. Snoring can also be a great social embarrassment, when visiting friends / relatives, on holiday, on long-haul overnight flights, in the train, etc. Classically, snoring becomes a problem when we reach our thirties. It’s usually because by then we are settledand may have children. The urge to go out and exercise is lessened, whereas the desire (and requirement) to go home and help with the children increases. Often the partner at home with young children will spend more time cooking tasty meals and cakes. So weight increases, and triggers off all the other issues like nose blockage, large tonsils and long soft palate which then lead to snoring.  hence snoring is more commonly complained about by females. Sleep apnoea is when throat collapse/obstruction is so severe that there is noflow of air, and there is temporary reduction in the body’s oxygen saturation.

Dr. Krishnan is the director of The Healthy Sleep – Advanced Center for Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Migraine Therapy.  He is involved in treating snoring / sleep apnea since 2001. He provide treatments like Oral Appliance Therapy, DNA Appliance, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Surgery etc

Phone: 04902342424

The Healthy sleep Near 3rd Railway Gate,Thiruvangad,
Thalassery, Kannur,
Kerala 670103

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